Thursday, April 16, 2015

Stuff is happening! Let’s wake up this blog from its hibernation

ShredAir’s Journey is now a Trilogy: Northwest, Colombia, and The Andes.

The NORTHWEST section of our blog records our 2008 journey from Oregon in the Northwest of USA to Colombia in the Northwest of South America. We did so by loading our old camper onto our Toyota pickup and driving through Mexico and Central America.

In COLOMBIA we promoted slope soaring in the Andes Mountains through workshops, fun fly gatherings and events, and offered tourism packages for pilots and their families. After living in Colombia for six years and gaining a better understanding on how Latin America ticks, it’s time for us to move on.

Thus we come to the third and new part of the blog, THE ANDES. Twenty years ago, when I bought the Toyota pickup brand new with 2 miles on the odometer, I told Marcela “some day we’ll drive it down to the southern tip of South America.”
Well, “some day” has come, and you will be able to follow along. Be prepared for a longer vagabondage, because we neither have a fixed schedule nor a final destination. We’ll take time to pause the journey and to soar with the Condor.


alejo said...

hey friends, muy buena ruta and yes, i will be following your trip through this blog's posts.

Craig T said...

We are following with anticipation. Need to know more of this vagabondage!