Sunday, April 26, 2015

Fixing Up The Camper

before before after Now

Sometime late June or early July, after we visit Oregon and Germany, we will start on our extended journey through the South American continent. This time, we neither have a schedule nor a final destination. This will take a while. The only “plan” at the start is to meander along and zig-zag across the Andes mountains in a southerly direction.
Why do we want to do this? Because we can, because we’re on this continent and want to go on a slope finding safari along these 4,000 mile long Andes, and because we’re still (barely) young and healthy enough to do it. How do we do this? By driving the same trusty Toyota with the same camper top. Well, they’re almost the same: we’ve meticulously maintained the 21-year old truck, and we just completely remodeled the 37 year old camper. This post is a photo tour of the camper remodeling job.

Stripping off the old, leaky aluminum panels and removing the fiberglass batting

Zunächst wurde die alte undichte Aluminiumverkleidung und die grausliche Glasfaserisolierung entfernt

Retiramos los viejos paneles de aluminio y la insolación  de fibra de vidrio

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