Sunday, October 1, 2017

Second Round... ring... ring!

Here we go again, our next round through South America is starting. We used this 9-month interruption to get work done on the Toyota and the camper. Very important was a better tie-down system for the camper: it is now tied to four hard points on the frame. The hardware and test drives suggest this should be a big improvement… only our travels will tell.
renovation camper and Toyota
Toyota & Camper renovation/Erneuerung/renovación
Again, we do not have a plan or a destination, except that we’ll travel around Colombia for a while. First, we’d like to drive across the Andes and down the east slope to “Los Llanos,” the plains. Then, we think of traveling north to the Caribbean Coast. From there, we’ll decide if we deem it safe to visit the desert of La Guajira, Colombia’s northern-most state sharing a long border with Venezuela.
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How long this will take, we don’t know. Our “planning horizon” currently does not extend any farther than that, only that ultimately we’ll turn south again. 


Sissi said...

Heeee ihr Zwei! I guess you flew the coop again, we will soon do the same.
Be save and enjoy the Llanos.

Marcela and Dieter, ShredAir said...

Hey you two too... : )
Yup, we're traipsin' around Colombia fer a spell, then head south again; currently in Piedecuesta, Santander, on the way to the Carribean. Maybe we meet up again? Please shoot us an email, if you like: