Monday, June 20, 2016

Elqui Valley Colors

We are in Vicuña, Chile, 30 degrees south latitude. It is the solstice, the shortest day of the year down here. Time for us to head north again.
Vicuna, Chile
Vicuña, Chile
sunset at the parking lot
Overlanders at parking lot/Wohnmobile am Parkplatz/Acampando
The Terral Hotel in Vicuña in the Elqui Valley has been our home for three months. While I visited my father in Germany for five weeks, Marcela became part of the “team” of the Hotel, helping out in the reception and elsewhere. She even got to meet Chile’s president Bachelet.
sun light on the mountain
snow and sunset
amazing clouds

The Elqui Valley is well known for the excellent Pisco (Brandy) distilled there, its sunny days and clear sky. Because of the latter, scientific astronomical observatories such as Tololo, Gemini South, and SOAR along with tourist observatories Mamalluca and Pangue are located here.
Elqui River
Elqui River/Fluß/Rio
rocky mountain
arid land

While this is mostly a rocky desert, the landscape is very varied with many different hues of warm and soft colors. We’ve selected a few photos for you to enjoy.

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