Friday, February 19, 2016

Arid Land

On we roll southward through Peru's coastal desert. Fact is, the entire coast of Peru, all of its 1,500 miles is a desert. This continues for about another 1,000 miles into Chile.
Straddling the border between the two countries is the Atacama Desert, reportedly the driest on earth, even though severe flash flooding occurred during the last two years.
This post covers our travels from December 15 to 20 from Nazca to Arequipa in Peru, which is located at the northern edge of the Atacama Desert.

desert terrain
Gravel, sand, and rock/Geröll, Sand und Fels/Piedras, arena y roca
desert highway
desert stream
Desert landscape/Wüstenlandschaft/Paisaje del desierto en Peru
desert meets ocean
Drive to/Fahrt nach/Camino a Puerto Inca
Inca ruins
Puerto Inca ruins/Ruinen/Ruinas
Inca stone ruins
Food storage and burial site/Vorrats- und Grabstätten/Alacena y sitio de entierro
Inca stone construction
Inca stone structures/Inca Steinbauten/construcción de piedra
Morning sun at Puerto Inca
Ruins in the morning sun/Ruinen im Morgenlicht/Ruinas en la luz de la mañana
rocky beach
Guano rocks/Felsen/Rocas
guano covered rock
Puerto Inca coast/Küste/Costa

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