Sunday, August 23, 2015

Flying Near The Middle Of The World

Almost a week ago already, we drove to the Pacific coast in Ecuador. We thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful “camp site” in Tabacundo. During our three weeks here, we had the opportunity to experience very different climate zones. In Tabacundo it's dry and cool, and we enjoyed views of the big volcanos Cayambe and Cotopaxi. We flew at three different slopes, all over 10,000 feet high.
Near/Bei/Cerca de Quito
Above/Über/Arriba de Tabacundo
We also visited Shell at the edge of the Amazon jungle where the Ecuadorian championships for motorized scale models were held at the site of the Hobby Club Pastaza. There, the climate was much more tropical, and some flights were interrupted by typically brief tropical downpours.
Flying with hawks/Fliegen mit Bussarden/Volando con alcones

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