Monday, July 13, 2015

Thank You Friends

We’re on the road. This was an interesting transition. After returning from the US and Germany to our camper parked in Girardota, it took us two weeks to get going. The only excuse we have is that for these two weeks, we had record heat. We also spent much time with our friends, which always is important.
Right now, we are at “El Roble,” a farm above Cordoba in the Colombian state of Quindio. This region is famous for its coffee and giant bamboo. The farm belongs to one of Marcela’s high school friends. She was a dentist and her husband an economist. For retirement, they decided to run this farm at about 6,000 feet up in the Andes.
Earlier, we parked a few days at the place of good friends very near the Medellín international airport at Rionegro. There isn’t that much traffic, and we never got tired of watching the airplanes flying almost directly overhead during their final approach. Most interesting was noticing the air vortices coming through about half a minute after the plane passed.
1st camp  / 1. Camp  / 1er campamento in Girardota

Flying with friends / Gemeinsam fliegen / Volando con amigos in Girardota
On final / Endanflug / Recta final in Rionegro


Krista Shultz said...

Safe travels!

Mel said...

Friends - Happy to hear that you are "on the road again" (Willie Nelson song reference). Fair winds and safe landings to you.

csmjamigs said...

Thanks guys. Currently, we are south of Cali outwaiting along weekend here.

Mike Baker said...

Thank you for the update it's really fun

Mike Baker said...

Thank you for the update it's really fun