Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Different Year

Finally, we manage to post a blog update just before the new year. And what a difference a year makes! While last year it was dry and hot, today the soil is saturated with rain, and the temperature rarely reaches the mid-seventies. What’s going on? The weather phenomenon “La Niña” is slamming Colombia. We are experiencing the worst rainy season in recorded history. Over two million people have been displaced by floods, which have been persisting for weeks. About 300 people have died due to floods and land slides, the latter of which also have damaged and closed many roads.
Mind you, we’re doing fine up here. The water runs off down hill, and there is nothing above us to slide down. For us, this mess is a mere inconvenience. Currently, we’re enjoying a break in the weather, but the long-term forecasts are for more rain. We’ll see…
Meanwhile here are some more photos from around our place.

In June, the weather was still ”normal.”
Anfang Juni war das Wetter noch normal.
En junio, el clima estaba todavía normal.

The birds enjoyed plenty sunshine.
Die Vögel genossen noch genügend Sonnenschein.
Los pájaros disfrutaron del buen sol.

We have a huge variety of amazing insects around; we’ll include a sample with these photos.
Es gibt hier eine Vielzahl von Insekten; einige Beispiele liegen diesen Fotos bei.
Tenemos una gran variedad de increíbles insectos; incluimos unas fotos en este blog.

By July, La Niña had arrived…
Im Juli war La Niña dann angekommen...
En julio llegó La Niña...

Where there is rain, there often is a rainbow.
Mit Regen gibts oft auch einen Regenbogen.
Donde hay lluvia frecuentemente se encuentra el arco iris.

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