Friday, October 31, 2008


Today, October 31st, we are at an interesting place: Hogar Infantil in the town of Ocozocoautla (nice tongue twister). The place is a home for orphans and children who’s parents can’t or won’t care for them. Unlike the name suggests, the home hosts children 6 to 21 years of age.
Unfortunately, we can’t fly here because of the wind. Traveling east along the coast from Puerto Angel we hit 50 mph wind just past Salina Cruz. The wind was blowing south out of the mountains, so it hit us on the left side. I needed both hands on the wheel to keep the bucking camper between the ditches, and whenever a big truck came the other way, we had “una camioneta bailando.”
We “sailed” that way to the little fishing villages of La Gloria and Brigida which are connected by motorcycle taxis. We parked right on the beach next to “Orizonte del Mar” restaurant, which indeed was spelled without H. We met two 10 year-old girls, Linda Sofia and Heidi, who were cleaning shrimp for cocktails. They were precocious little buggers asking a lot of questions, and eventually they went to get Linda Sofia’s mother.
Mama said we were welcome to stay and use their facilities, so long as we ate dinner. That was just perfect by me! I had a barbecued fish called “Lisa,” which was excellent; fearful Marcela ate breaded filets.
We were tempted to stay another day, but decided to check out this place. It’s a pleasant park-like setting, and we did end up showing a group of kids how to build paper airplanes.

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