Sunday, June 14, 2015

Test Drive and a Detail

We took the pickup with camper mounted for a quick shake-down drive through and around Girardota. Everything seems to work just as we remember it from years ago, and the Toyota seems to handle the weight well.

After the renovation, the camper’s roof and sides all are smooth with rounded corners and edges, a big improvement over the old aluminum rails. Now, only the ceiling vent is protruding.
This can be a problem when one overlooks a low-hanging cable or tree branches, which could snag and cause damage. Low cables are common in Latin America, and, almost seven years ago on our way down to Colombia, we tore one off right after entering Mexico.

To help avoid this from happening again, we constructed a pair of “deflectors” as seen in the photos. We fastened these to either side of the vent figuring that they will prevent cables or branches from snagging.
The finished reflectors for the roof vent.
Die fertigen Abweiser für die Dachluke.
Los reflectores de la ventanilla terminados.
Deflectors installed on the roof.
Abweiser am Dach montiert.
Los reflectores instalados en el techo.

Ready to go for the first test drive.
Alles fertig für die erste Probefahrt.
Listo para el recorrido de prueba.

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