Friday, May 27, 2011

Visiting the old Home Turf

We’re currently on our annual visit in Germany, and guess who we have met here: Gabi and Rainer, the Wombat people. Back in December 2008, the four or us met by chance in Panama City and shipped our vehicles from Panama to Colombia. Gabi and Rainer vagabonded through South America for two years, before they returned to their German home, which is a mere 20 miles from where Dieter grew up.
We hear that La Niña finally may subside by the time we return to Colombia. This weather phenomenon has wreaked havoc in Colombia for a whole year. Good thing we built a carport for the car and camper. It’s made from Guadua, a form of giant bamboo. Working with Guadua requires special knowledge and precise work, mostly done by hand. Marcela and I were workers on this project, and it was a very interesting hands-on experience for us.
We have enjoyed good weather in Germany this year and managed to get some maintenance done around the house and also fly a little. Unlike last year, when it rained almost every day, Germany is suffering a drought; “normal” weather seems be hard to come by anywhere on this planet these days.
On June 1st, Icelandic volcano permitting, we’re heading to Oregon to pay a visit there as well; it’s been almost three years since we left. If you’re interested in meeting us there, please email now, and we see what we can set up. We’re looking forward to returning to Colombia, and we feel we finally are ready to start our project.


JC and Dorothy said...

Stay in touch! We're just south of Oregon on the side of Mt. Lassen, within view of Mt. Shasta. We'd love to see you!

Anonymous said...

If you'll be in Eugene, you should plan a catch up point ~ we could all meet somewhere and connect, as I'm sure there are several people here who'd love to see you. Keep us posted!
~ Susan Williams

Arturo Zapata said...

When are coming back to Colombia? I have some news regarding Fedeaereos and some changes in the near future, and I will love your input and help to make slope flying a better one here in Colombia.