Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update from Germany

With the bureaucratic distractions behind us, we have been able to get started on what we came here to do: find a house, ideally with its own slope flying site, where we can live, fly, work, and welcome guests to stay with us.
And guess what: We have found the “AeroFinca” by the slope! It even has a large meadow to land in and to fly electric-powered planes from.
It is not yet ready for us to move in, and while we’re waiting, we’ve decided to return to Germany for our annual visit. We originally had planned to take this trip in June/July, however it makes sense to do it now. So, life continues to happen while we make other plans, but this is a good development, and we are fortunate to have the flexibility to adapt to life’s changes.
Thus, this blog update comes from Uffenheim, where we’re visiting my parents, as we do every year. We came from “the City of Eternal Spring” to the old home town, where spring is just arriving.

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