Saturday, October 11, 2008

Out-waiting Hurricane Norbert

It’s about time we publish an update: it’s October 11 already, and hurricane Norbert makes us stop and wait, which gives us time for this update.
Mexico has been interesting so far: First, within 5 minutes of entering the country, I tore off a low-hanging coax cable with the nearly 10-foot high camper. Second, we couldn’t get a vehicle permit, because the office has been closed permanently (we are told we can get it later).
Third, we had a beautiful beach campground all to ourselves for the first night. Fourth, we drove way too long to get to Puerto Peñasco, where we are now in a perfect spot to out-wait the hurricane.
So everything is fine, really. Travels and campgrounds have been safe, and people always have been friendly and eager to help. Which is good, because this is quite a new experience for us. That’s it, we’re now watching the hurricane's progress on the internet.

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Jon Baker said...

Glad the trip is progressing well! Pam and I were following the blog from the UK. We're now back home in Boise. Keep the pics and updates coming.

Stay safe,
Jon & Pam