Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Eastern California

First, thanks everyone for the good wishes. Even though we can’t answer every e-mail, we do appreciate your thoughts and participation. We’re now changing the set-up to make it easier for everyone to comment.
So far we have driven over 900 miles, and we’re still in California. We went from Ashland to Concord in the north-east corner of the San Francisco Bay, where we delivered a model airplane and visited friends. On the way there, we stopped at a small railroad museum displaying iron horses from the past; that was Monday.
Yesterday’s highlight was the drive across 9600-foot high Sonora Pass. It was the steepest and windiest pass I have driven; sometimes I had to shift into 1st gear to negotiate the steep tight hairpin turns.
Today, we made our first flights and spent a day in the land of the Paiute Indians with a good friend, a retired high school teacher from Bishop. — Attention school children: what information can you find about the Paiute Indians?

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